As a long time patient of Dr. Yi, I can recommend him. He is always professional, kind and have a great sense of humor. He takes care of the teeth for my whole family and we are all happy with him and his whole practice. E.S


Dental Advice for Seniors

The Best Accessory You Can Wear Is Your Smile! I can’t help but to think what is missing from this picture. She is surely dressed up nicely. The colors she chose are in perfect harmony. She has a nice touch with jewelry. The hair is done nicely and a good touch of lipstick. Then what … continue reading »


Does candy cause cavities in teeth?

True or false … do candies cause teeth to rot? Growing up we all heard from our parents,” If you don’t want a mouthful of cavities don’t eat candy.” But is this a true statement or not? The truth is when you eat candies the resident bacteria in your mouth enjoys the candies as much … continue reading »


I love my dentists in McLean, VA

This week in our blog, we wanted to talk about what makes us feel like we are doing our job for our patients. – As fate would have it, one of our patients let us know. Enjoy. I just had an appointment in a new dental office in Mclean, VA. I never had an experience … continue reading »


McLean, VA – Kid-friendly dentist

We just moved to Tyson”s Corner from California and I was anxious to get my son into see the dentist for the first time. It was important for me to get Thomas used to seeing dentists so that he could start developing a healthy lifetime habit of taking care of his beautiful smile. Every time … continue reading »


How to brush your teeth correctly

Many of my patients believe that the harder they brush the better they clean their teeth. When I ask my patients, “How often do you brush your teeth?” I get different answers. One answer I hear most is “only once day but I do it really hard and remove everything.” Dentists who care about you … continue reading »


Advice from a Kids Dentist in McLean

Children look up to you as role models Your little ones learn everything from you – all their good habits are a reflection of your good habit. I always think we re-live our life through our children. They learn their first worlds and first step from you. We shape our children’s future in every aspect. … continue reading »


Floss vs Mouth Wash, dental advice, McLean, VA

I don”t floss, but I use mouth rinse Can anything replace the good old flossing? The answer is NO! Often when we ask our patient’s about their flossing habit we hear this answer, “I don’t floss but I use mouth rinse instead.” I would like to make it clear to everyone who reads this post, … continue reading »


Teeth whitening: Best graduation gift

Mclean Va Dentist – Graduation is upon us and our sons, daughters, nieces and nephews are off interviewing for summer jobs, internships and possibly the first job of their new career. Wouldn’t it be great to give them a graduation gift that will help catapult their career in a positive direction? Statistically, people are more … continue reading »

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