Kid-friendly dentist

We just moved to Tyson”s Corner from California and I was anxious to get my son into see the dentist for the first time. It was important for me to get Thomas used to seeing dentists so that he could start developing a healthy lifetime habit of taking care of his beautiful smile.

Every time I saw a mom at Tyson’s Corner mall I would ask her for recommendations on who to see. Dr. Negar Tehrani of Aura Dentistry in McLean kept coming up again and again with almost every conversation. So, I decided to look her up and make my first appointment. Turns out that was one of the best decisions I made.

From the minute we entered Aura Dentistry, I knew that we found our family dentist. They had cartoons playing on a 50″ plasma TV in the waiting room. That kept Thomas from getting anxious. Meanwhile, I enjoyed a fresh cappuccino from their bar.

Kathy, one of Dr. Negar”s receptionists, was extraordinarily friendly, helpful and had a beautiful smile. Of course, she worked for a dentist.

When we entered the exam room, my son was thrilled to see a plasma TV on the ceiling. That continued to keep his interest. Everywhere I looked there was a big screen Macintosh. I’ve never seen such a high-tech dental office. They were completely up to date with electronic medical records and digital x-rays.

The dentist spent 15 or 20 minutes just talking and getting to know us and breaking the ice before she asked my son to look at his teeth. Dr. Tehrani is a natural with children. She has just the right touch.

You can see from the photo of my son (yes, we documented his first visit to the dentist and it”s in our family photo album), that he was a happy camper. At one point, the entire dental office (receptionist, hygienist and dentist) were all in the room with us laughing and playing.

Thomas” first visit to the dentist was just what I had hoped it to be: fun and positive. Dr. Tehrani invested time teaching my son how to brush and floss and how important it is to maintain a healthy smile. She even showed him some clay models of before and after teeth so he would learn the difference between a well-maintained set of teeth and neglected teeth.

The funnest part of the visit was Dr. Tehrani”s treasure chest. She made a whole hide-and-seek game out of finding the chest and getting a little treasure to take home with him.

Only when Thomas was completely comfortable with the dentist did she ask to look in his mouth. She gave him these cool glasses to wear so water wouldn’t splash in his eyes – and made him feel especially cool and grown up. And when she was done, he got a special toothbrush kit that he took with us to DisneyWorld.

I am quite sure that, thanks to the entire staff at Aura Dentistry in McLean, that my son will never be afraid of coming to see a dentist ever again. Thanks Dr. Tehrani.

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