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Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

A smile that dazzles, a winning smile, a sparkling smile — all of these descriptions refer to smiles that are backed by bright pearly whites. If you’re a little more close-lipped these days because of yellowing teeth, the good news is that we can give you a smile you’ll be proud to flash.

At McLean Aura Dentistry, our team understands the functional and aesthetic value of healthy teeth, which is why we offer professional teeth whitening services. Under the direction of Drs. Negar Tehrani and Chang Yi, we’ve chosen the Zoom® teeth whitening system, which can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in no time at all.

Here’s a look at why your teeth are yellowing and, more importantly, how we can remedy the problem.

Behind yellowing teeth

There are several reasons why your teeth may be taking on a more yellow hue, starting with your age. As you get older, the white, protective enamel that protects your teeth begins to wear down, allowing more of the brown dentin inside your teeth to show through (which is what creates the yellowing effect).

The next offender is poor dental hygiene — if you’re not removing plaque sufficiently, it can build up and discolor your teeth.

What you eat and drink can also contribute to discolored teeth. Years of morning coffee, evening wine, and foods with artificial coloring can wreak havoc on white teeth.

Genetics also play a role in how white your teeth are, so all you need to do is look to an immediate relative to see whether heredity may be to blame if your teeth are more on the yellow side than white.

Certain medications, such as tetracycline antibiotics, are also known to cause yellowing teeth.

Lastly, habits, such as smoking, can do a number on white teeth as nicotine stains build up.

Getting back to white

Whatever the cause of your yellow teeth, the good news is that we can whiten your teeth dramatically with our Zoom whitening system, often in just one visit.

When you come in for a Zoom whitening treatment, we first protect your gums and lips and then we apply a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening compound to your teeth, which we activate with a specialized light. We divide your whitening treatment into 15-minute blocks and, depending upon the extent of whitening you desire, the process takes only 30-60 minutes.

Once we’re finished, we remove all whitening agents from your teeth, and you can leave with a smile that’s noticeably brighter.

This approach to whitening is far more effective than over-the-counter products that only whiten teeth a shade or two over time. As well, you can avoid the hassle of daily strips or messy gels.

Once we whiten your teeth with Zoom, the results are yours to maintain by avoiding foods that stain, following a great at-home cleaning regimen, and coming to see us twice a year for a professional cleaning.

If you want to say goodbye to yellow teeth and hello to teeth that sparkle, contact our office in McLean, Virginia, to schedule your Zoom teeth whitening.

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