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Full & Partial Dentures Specialist

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For many people, the optimal way to replace a missing tooth or an entire row of teeth is with dentures. The team of Dr. Negar Tehrani and Dr. Chang Yi of McLean Aura Dentistry can help you determine if these appliances are the right choice for you. If you live in McLean, Virginia or the surrounding area, call the office or book appointment online to find out more about your denture options.

Full & Partial Dentures Q & A

What is the difference between partial and complete dentures?

Partial dentures are preferred when just a few teeth are missing. Complete dentures replace an entire row of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Both are made from rigid plastic and include the false teeth and gums.

Dentures sit on your existing gums and are held in place by over-the-counter denture adhesives. Both types of dentures greatly resemble your natural teeth and can enhance your smile. They’re a less expensive alternative to implants and are useful for those whose gums or bone structure can’t support surgical implants.

What are conventional and immediate dentures?

After you have teeth removed, you need to wait 8-12 weeks for your conventional dentures. When teeth are extracted, your gums shift and adjust for a time, which can affect denture fit.

In the meantime, you’re provided with immediate dentures, so you don’t have to live without teeth for so long. Immediate dentures may require multiple fittings as your mouth changes. Dr. Yi and Dr. Tehrani do everything they can to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during this transition period.

How are dentures fitted and made?

The process of getting dentures requires several appointments. Dr. Yi or Dr. Tehrani take highly accurate impressions and measurements to create your custom dentures to ensure proper shape, color, and fit. They then precisely adjust and place the completed denture, ensuring a natural and comfortable fit.

What is it like to wear dentures?

It may take you a few days or weeks to grow accustomed to wearing the dentures. Typical issues to overcome include:

  • Changes in the feel of your bite and your chewing ability
  • Alterations in speech
  • Slippage that leads to you to use your tongue and lips to keep them in place
  • Too much saliva
  • Mouth sores and pain

These problems should resolve on their own in a short time as you become more accustomed to your dentures, but if they continue to be a problem, talk to Dr. Yi or Dr. Tehrani. They can check the fit of the dentures and ensure you’re using the best products to adhere them in place.

If you have missing teeth, dentures are a solution that can improve the look and function of your smile. Call McLean Aura Dentistry or use the online booking agent to schedule a consultation to find out the right kind of dentures for your needs.