I love my dentists in McLean, VA

This week in our blog, we wanted to talk about what makes us feel like we are doing our job for our patients. – As fate would have it, one of our patients let us know. Enjoy.

I just had an appointment in a new dental office in Mclean, VA. I never had an experience like this. The moment I walked in I notice the difference between this office and other ones I have been to. Have you guys ever been in an office when the dentist walks in and calls bunch of numbers and abbreviations and you don’t understand the inter office language of the dentist has told their assistant? Or, as you are checking out they tell you “So when would you like to schedule the appointment to have your cavities taken care of?” — But wait a minute the dentist didn’t tell me I have a cavity or that I need a filling? So how is this going to work? How many appointments will I need for this to be taken care of? The worst part is when you go ahead and have the work done and on your way out you realize – “hey, they never told me they cost!” Those types of offices make me feel like I am taking my car to the shop. Once everything is done they hand you the bill and you pay not even knowing what they did and why they are charging you so much. I have good news for you this all is about to change!

For the first time I had dental appointment where I knew what was going on! The dentist sat me up and put my X-rays up on this big monitor. She took time explaining everything that was there. She showed me what a healthy tooth looks like, and what a cavity looks like. Then she explained to me why she believes I need to have several cavities fixed. She even played with the visible to my untrained eyes. Once she got done with explaining things I went to the front desk. There, I got a chance to review everything with the patient coordinator. She went over pricing and insurance break down. She was so patient in answering all my questions. For the first time I was crystal clear about all the charges before I even started my work there.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the dentists decide to treat their patient the same way as my new dentist in McLean, Virginia? What a refreshing change! I knew what was going on, what I needed to have done and why. More importantly, I was treated like a person! I wasn’t rushed in and rushed out, or treated like a number. If you are looking for a dental office that makes you comfortable, welcome, and informed; let me tell you Aura dentistry rocks!

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